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HamdaHamda* is a 21-year-old woman from a village near Hargeisa. She completed her midwifery and post-basic midwifery training at Edna Hospital and graduated last year. She has continued working at the Hospital after graduation. Hamda has four brothers and one sister living; her mother lost two babies during childbirth. Her mother delivered her children at home without a skilled birth attendant, assisted only by a few elderly women from the village. Hamda doesn’t know exactly what went wrong during the births, but knowing the loss her family felt from the experience gave her the drive to learn more proper childbirth procedures and help women safely birth their children. She has already assisted in approximately 70 births.





Anisa caring for the triplets that were recently delivered in the hospital.

Anisa is one of our Post-Basic Midwifery students; she’s already gone through the basic midwife training. She’s originally from Burco in the Togdheer region, which is Somaliland’s second largest city, located around 180 Km or 111 miles east of Hargeisa and the hospital. Anisa has already delivered around 35 babies, including a set of twins! Although she thinks of midwifery as a difficult profession, she enjoys what she does and relishes the opportunity help mothers minimize risks during pregnancy and childbirth. After graduation, she intends to stay in Hargeisa for the stronger job market and the opportunity to continue her studies.

Training midwives in Somaliland



Nimco is a 25-year-old woman who gave birth via cesarean section at the hospital due to obstructed labor. Both mom and baby are doing great! This was her second child and her first daughter.Nimco







tripletstripletmotherIfraah Abdi Abdilahi

On November 12, Ifraah Abdi Abdilahi gave birth to triplets at the Edna Adan Hospital. She is a resident of the Mohamed Moog section of Hargeisa. Ifraah is 33 years old and has three previous children at home, ranging from13 months to 7 years. Ifraah is doing well and is very excited to have doubled the size of her family in one sitting.

These were the first healthy triplets born in the hospital since 2004- a mother giving birth to three live babies in a developing country is exceptionally rare. Even more surprising, Ifraah had an ultrasound at another facility and was told that she was having twins. Everyone was stunned to learn that she wasn’t finished when the second baby came out.


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